donderdag 11 juni 2009

I've been kind of lazy the last week, but I am going to catch up for that right away!

Bento 04-06-09

Left (bottom tier): yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, egg, ketchup in monkey case
Lower right (top tier): onigiri, zucchini, soy sauce
Top right (extra box): ham olive cake, meatballs

Bear necessities?
After the bunny theme, I went for a bear theme today. Onigiri, sauce bottle, food pick, molded egg... It was a big hit at work too, a lot of people were going "Wow, how'd you do that?" Really cool, right?

Bento 05-06-09

Top part: home made hummus wraps, mushrooms
Bottom part: carrot, cucumber, raspberry-yoghurt dressing
Side part: blackberry jello
Extra: banana, drinks

Thank God it's Friday!
Friday's are usually pretty quiet at work, but that means it takes really really long for the clock to hit 5 p.m. In this case, I overslept, and just threw everything ready to eat in the box. The wraps were actually a promise, a colleague wanted to try my hummus, so I took both flavours (coriander/lemon and dried tomato).
The black can in the top corner is Coca Cola Blak. By far my favorite cola, it is and never has been sold in the Netherlands. I got this in France, actually. When on holiday in the Provence last year, I discovered this cola with added coffee essence. It tastes like a kind of Dutch candy called "Haagse hopjes", which I really love. It has a lot of caffeine, which means it's perfect for Fridays when you need the extra energy. It also means my hubby won't allow me to drink more than one can a day, because apparently I get really really annoying when I drink two :-s

Bento 08-06-09

Left: pasta salad with tuna
Right: olives, cucumber, hummus wrap

We went to a BBQ on the weekend. It was bring your own part of the meal, so I did the salads. I made pasta salad with tuna, fresh fruit salad and bought some ready made as well. As you can see, the salad wasn't finished, so I took the rest home. The BBQ was really good, except for the rain...

Bento 09-06-09

Left: meatballs, carrot, hummus wrap
Right: pasta salad

I went to my favorite store this week, Xenos. This chain has all sorts of stuff, and I totally adore it. They sell some food items (mainly in the "exotic" category), but most is non-food household stuff. This means you can find some great Bento items there, if you check the stocks regularly.

Like this Dora the Explorer lunch box. It has two tiers, is not too big and has a clasp closing. It's priced at €3,50 (about $4,50). It's not my taste, but would be perfect for a kids bento lunch.

This is a more main stream lunch box. It has a two compartiment bottom, a swinging inside lid and a top ideal for sandwiches. The transparancy invites the buyer to fill this one with colourful food!

This kind of stuff is really the most bento-ish you can get here in Holland, I just get most stuff off ebay. I have some outstanding orders there now, including for some other people (sharing postage is good!). I can't wait to get it all, will post pictures!
I received one order yesterday, it was for two jello jigglers molds. One is a set of easter eggs, the other is a bunch of jello beans. I really like those, they're ideal for a bento. My last ones were made in a muffin mold, and while they taste great, the shape isn't that handy (except for in the small side part of the above blue box, they fit perfectly in there). Will make a new batch soon, and I am going to try my new molds!

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